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Some guy
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Some guy Damn, there's so much emotional heft here. Draining but in a cathartic way. It's so hard to pick a favorite song. I always just listen to the whole thing, and lost count of how many times I have, but I suppose I'll go with this one, The Blue Between Us, Running Speed, Heart of Stone. And the rest... Favorite track: News.
Jonathon Reed
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Jonathon Reed Country-folk album with some really moving tracks. The steel guitar is ever-present, lit with a sliding electric in the background and carried forward by the rhythm of the snare. Favorite track: Running Speed.
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Fluff Great folk music well worth the few dollars I had to give for it at the time of purchase. Favorite track: Back and Forth.
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Thanks so much for listening and supporting us!
We worked really really hard on this record and we really hope you enjoy it.
We want to thank everyone who helped make it, including all you amazing people who donated to our Kickstarter and made this whole thing possible, we can't thank you enough.
If you like what you hear please please please feel free to share it with your friends and family!
<3 TNI

For lyrics visit: www.thenovelideas.com/music.html


released April 26, 2012

Daniel Radin - Vocals/Guitars/Drums Etc
Danny Hoshino - Vocals/Guitars/Pedal Steel Etc
Marina Evans - Vocals
James Parkington - Backup Vocals
Ezra Weller - Trumpet
Will Radin - Drums On #3, 4, 8
Sarah Grella - Backup Vocals On #7

Mixing And Mastering
By Will And Daniel Radin At Lil’ Willy Studios
Recorded By Daniel Radin In Jaffrey, NH

Music And Lyrics For 1,3,5,7,8,10
By Daniel Radin (© D. Radin 2012)
Music And Lyrics For 2,4,6,9
By Daniel Hoshino (© D. Hoshino, 2012)

Photos And Art Layout
By Daniel Radin, Will Radin
And Victoria Krinsky

Many Thanks To:
Amy & Bob Radin, The Hoshino Family, The Parkington Family, Alex Caplow, Will Radin, Ben Truppin-Brown, Our Neighbors In Jaffrey, NH, Myron Zajack, The Boston College Music Department, Carl Dimow, Yael Shabani, Will Morningstar, Jamie Eblen, Zack Ezor And Everyone Who Contributed On Kickstarter



all rights reserved


The Novel Ideas Boston

The Novel Ideas are a country folk quintet of friends from the great state of Massachusetts. Featuring the voices of three different songwriters, The Novel Ideas create a blend of pastoral, harmony driven, and plaintive Americana.


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Track Name: The Blue Between Us
Well my mind's still limber but my heart's grown old
From the time I left the only place I know
And it makes me happy we didn't get let go
I couldn't stand to see our love just decompose

Now I've been walking home nearly every night
And here's to everyone I ever loved but had to leave behind
For the one thing I can't find though I've been looking half my life
And it's damn hard to explain but I will try it if you like

If you ask me once I'll tell you so
That the blue between us never felt so cold
And I miss the folk singers from the days of old
When a three chord song could save your soul
And no I'm never on time least that's what I'm told
So why's everything feel like it moves too slow?
And if I were scared I wouldn't let it show
Cause if I die tonight I'm not going home

Why's it seem so wrong to miss the town you love?
When there's just one state that you cannot stop thinking of
I wouldn't say I'm patriotic, but I think that's what I've become
Sometimes it takes where you are not just to remember where you're from

Was it my fault that I meant, every single word I said?
When it told you it was not the end
And if everything goes wrong, I hope we can get along
If I lost you I would lose my best friend

And now we're weathering the storm, side by side we're looking on

It takes a certain kind of love to bear this load
But it's not the tired romance of the open road
Track Name: Back and Forth
Back and forth I'll go
One day I may know
What it's like to stay in one place
But for now, back and forth I go
Up and down the coast
Highways get me lost
But I never forget my home
As I go up and down this coast

Dreams may slow us down
Real life beckons on
But I will not live with regret always
So our dreams may slow us down

She has set me free
To live and to be
Though one day I may be by her side
But for now she has set me free

Back and forth I'll go
One day I may know
It was best that I not stay in one place
So for now back and forth I'll go
Track Name: Saint Marie
Was it something I said?
That made this seem like such a mess
Told you I was content
And you said that's less than perfect

Now my hands are both tied
But my arms are open wide
And the demon by my side
Well she is what I'll leave behind

Now that things have improved
Might be possible to lose
Every ounce of what we knew
tTill we're both drained of the truth

Tread my feet in the road
Watch them worked down to bone
And the blanket is cold
And i am more than alone

Every hour you spent
And every stitch you thread
Made it easy when, when it was time
To move ahead

New machines, beauty queens
Send my heart, out to see
When you left, with no pretense
Oh Saint Marie, just leave me be
Track Name: Lonesome George
"Oh where did they go?"
He cried outloud
And he cried alone
"This once was my home"

A more terrible way
To gain fame
There's never been
And never again, will he see them smiling

And Lonesome George
Where is the hope?

I wanted it to stop
I want to wake up
From the pain
Like the sting from a rain that falls every day

And who are these girls?
And what is this world?
That flashes so
Oh won't you all please just leave me be

And Lonesome George
One without a home
What is the future for?
Without someone to carry the torch
Track Name: Running Speed
If I was a salesman
In a new town each year
I'd write you a postcard
Wishing that you were here

And I'll be a writer
And write on my own
But twenty years later
What the hell do I know?

I could be a doctor
With lives on the line
But let down was never
A skill that I prized

Now that my best friend is across the ocean again
I'm moving too fast to pretend
And i'm too tired to stand, does that make me a man?

No I'll stick to singing
And write a sad song
For every new lover
That comes along

And one day a father
I'll learn to love someone else
More than another
Much more than myself

Now every part of me, is saying to give her room to breath
Except that my heart has no beat, though its moving my feet
And I'm at running speed

Well each and every blessing comes with, knowing what could be lost
I'll try not to worry, but its nothing that time and the sun cannot solve
Every night I've been dreaming still I can't recall a single one
And that makes me nervous, cause if I'm not awake I've been sleeping too long
Track Name: Not Enough
I want to sleep
Because it seems to me
It's the only place
Where you remain

There is nothing to say
(how are you tonight?)
The same as yesterday
(Where are you tonight?)
That is not for you to know
(Don't you ever miss me my dear?)

You say
That we're so young
But I say our love
Is old and wise
From distance and the time

There is nothing to say
(how are you tonight?)
The same as yesterday
(Where are you tonight?)
That is not for you to know
(Don't you ever miss me my dear?)

There are times when it's you i'm thinking of
(Then what have you been hiding from?)
But you should know, it doesn't mean that much
(How can you be sure it's been three months?)
Cause at the end of the day, when i still feel this way
I'm afraid my love, it's simply not enough

People tell me just to give it time
I know they're right
Yet still today
I can't think that way

How are you tonight?
Where are you tonight?
And will you ever miss me my dear?
Track Name: Promise
Here we are now in the backyard
On the warm ground out at sundown
But in twelve days I'll be halfway
Cross the world, I'm too tired to be afraid

You've got green eyes, I had foresight
When I said we'd be good I was so right
If we lay here, spend every day here
Well our legs might take root and we'll grow dear

I made a promise to you

I'd protect you if I had to
So the bad parts never get through
From the outside into your life
We can try but we might have some hard nights

Now we can't speak 'neath the pine trees
And I swear that there's air but I can't breathe
I need your heat, I've got cold feet
It's the thought that still makes this so easy

I made a promise to you
That we'd still feel brand new
That we'd still feel something

She's not too fond of history
Hearing loud of abrasive speech
She's unique in the way she eats oh yeah she loves me
Why she does hell I cannot say
I can't seem to stay in one place
Always gone and I'm far away from the smile on her face

Was it something that I couldn't say?
Fast enough to get away
And though I tried to make a clean escape
You left me with an even break

And i think I saw myself in you
But I think you saw a proper fool
And I know we broke every rule
With everything we didn't do

I'll remember every day
If you remember every dumb mistake
That you made cause you were late
But its my fault I made you wait

In this city I cant speak
Well you know this place is killing me
And it's harder to believe
But it's hard enough to watch you leave
Track Name: Heart of Stone
Hell it was crystal clear
Why you left me standing here
But the wake you left behind
It's got me swimming every night

And I've got god on my side
For the first time in my life
I feel the rising of the sea, the waves keep crashing at my feet
He's sent a flood to set me free

I never knew how much it hurt
But they say you have to learn
If you're gonna write at all
You won't know you're flying till you fall

And my foods been tasting plain
And the sky don't look the same
How'd she take that away?
Left me here in such a state, turned the blue I saw to grey

It's never like the fights on the TV shows
It goes down, in real life, so bad you're walkin' home
Now I know, what it means to be alone
Harder than your heart of stone, you don't want this heart of gold
No you don't want this heart at all

I guess I better write this down, so I know my way around
And I can finally ask you how, you could stand and watch me drown
I'll say the things I'm thinking now
Track Name: News
When I heard the news that you weren't coming home
I fell down on the ground
Then the news came in that you'd already gone
I panicked to you on the phone

Cause you were my best friend
And that will not fade with time
I cannot simply pretend
That I've done much more than survive

I think we both want
The same thing
But we see the same thing so differently
And if you take my hand once again
I promise that you'll believe

But the more I think the less I know for sure
Was I ever someone you adored?
Hell was I wrong to love so blindly?
Were my eyes shut too damn tight to see?

No im just lost
I've been kicked around
And what I've found is that
Every ounce of the bitterness
Has gone away and so, what remains is the longing
For yesterday